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Test Helps Doctors Save Lives

Over 106,000 patients every year die  from ADRs (Adverse Drug Reactions)

June 10, 2016

Meridian Health Solutions is a new but fast-growing company whose affiliated labs offer pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenetic testing is an under-utilized yet vital resource for physicians of varying specialties that can alert doctors if:

• They are giving a patient the wrong dosage of a drug for the patient’s genetic type.

• They are giving a patient the wrong drug altogether for the patient’s genetic type.

Prescription meds are not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. Two patients, even if very similar in age, height, weight, and medical problem, do not necessarily require the same dosage or even the same medication. Their genetic makeup is different, and thus they metabolize drugs differently.

True case history: A patient on Coumadin did not properly metabolize the medication. Too much of it accumulated in her body, and she bled out internally.

She died. Not all ADRs are fatal—but over 106,000 patients every year die from ADRs.

Many other patients, although their ADRs are not that extreme, have other adverse reactions—or simply fail to get the desired benefit from the drug(s) they are prescribed.

Why? Because of their genetic makeup.

To ensure that his or her patient will not have an ADR and will derive the maximum desired benefit from his/her meds, increasing numbers of doctors are ordering pharmacogenetic testing for their patients—not only for new prescriptions but as a double-check for prescriptions the patient may already be taking.

This falls under the Hippocratic maxim, “First, do no harm.”

There is no reason not to perform PGx testing, It is cost-free for the physician and painless and non-invasive for the patient. The test is run off a saliva sample taken from the patient via a buccal swab. One-two-swish with a swab on the inside cheek of the patient’s mouth…and the sample is ready for the lab.

Both doctor and patient have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

To learn more about pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing or sign up with Meridian Health Solutions, call 888-556-0166 today!

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